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How to set up a Steam Trade URL

What is the Steam Trade URL

Steam Trade URL is a link that allows Steam users to trade their skins at the Steam platform. Every Steam user has a unique Steam Trade URL and depending on preferences may make it available for the other users of his choice or third-party sites.

Everyone who has your Steam Trade URL is able to see your inventory and to send you trade offers.

How to set up Steam Trade URL

How to find the Steam Trade URL at Steam.
Your Steam Trade URL you can find using this link: Find your Steam Trade URL

In this section you will find your Steam Trade URL

You can also use our instructions we are providing below.

In order to find your Steam Trade URL, go to your community profile at Steam. Click here to be redirected to your Steam community profile.

Then, go to the “Inventory” tab that is visible at the right side panel. On the right side of your inventory panel, you will find the “Trade Offers” button.

After you go to the “Trade Offers” panel, find “Who can send me Trade Offers?” tab. At the bottom of this tab, you will find the “Third-Party Sites” section. In this section you will find your Steam Trade URL. Copy your Steam Trade URL and return to our service.

Setting up your Steam Trade at Key-Drop.
After you return to our service, you need to go to the “My Account” tab. At the left side of your profile, you will find your Steam Trade URL edit field. Click the “Edit” button and paste your Steam Trade URL. After this, click “Save”.

After this, your Steam Trade URL will be set up in our service.

Here you need to paste your Steam Trade URL

I received a notification about the wrong Steam Trade URL, when I tried to change it.

Skins in our service can be only withdrawn at the Steam account connected with the account in our service. That means that your Steam Trade URL needs to be related to the Steam account you used to register in our service.

Updated on: 17/01/2024