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How to sell skins

In our service, you have the option to sell skins won in our service.

In this case, sale means that you are exchanging skins for the funds at your account in our service, that you can use to open cases in our service.

How to sell skins

You have several options to sell skins in our service.

Directly after obtaining the skin
After you open the case in our service or obtain the skin in one of our event game modes, skin shown to you will have a “Sell” button. Just click the “Sell” button to sell your skin directly after you obtain it.

If you open many cases at once, you will have the option to just sell all obtained skins or buttons to sell every skins individually.

Sales options visible after opening the case

Sell option in your account tab
You can also sell obtained skins in My Account tab.

Almost every single skin you have currently active in your inventory, will show you the “Sell” option when you hover the cursor over it. You also have an option to sell all skins you currently have active in your inventory. To do this, just use the “Sell all” option that can be found at your inventory filters bar.

Sale option visible after hovering over selected skin

I sold the skin by accident and I want it back

Unfortunately, if you sell skin in our service it will be irreversibly exchanged for funds in our service. It is not possible to restore the sold item.

Updated on: 15/08/2022