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How the Skin Changer system works

The Skin Changer system gives you lots of opportunities!

Our Skin Changer gives you the option to exchange won skins for other skins.
Skins available in our Skin Changer system are available for immediate withdrawal.

The Skin Changer allows you to exchange skins for other skins with lower or higher value. If you want to exchange your skins for skins with a lower value, you will receive cashback for the difference in value between the skins you are exchanging and the skins you will receive in the exchange.

The Skin Changer stock is updated daily. New skins appear every day at 08:00 UTC time.

In the case you reject a Trade Offer received from our Skin Changer, the whole exchange operation will be canceled and the skins you tried to exchange will return to your inventory in our service.

In our Skin Changer system, you can only use skins obtained in our service. That means that you cannot exchange your skins directly from your Steam inventory.

Updated on: 23/04/2024