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Settings of currency and language

In our service you have the option to change the setting of your displayed currency and language.

You can change your preferences in two ways:

Language and currency settings

You can find this option at the top of our site, next to our logo. It will display names of your currently setted up language and currency. Also, it will display the flag of the current language you are using.

To change your settings, click at the shown information and you will see the settings panel. In the panel, change your preferences and click “Save” to save your preferences.

Language and currency settings panel

Settings tab

Settings tab can be found in the “My Account” tab.

In this tab you can choose your language and display currency. To change your preferences, just change the chosen option. After you change the chosen option, the site will reload and your preferences will be automatically saved.

Language and currency panel in settings tab

Please, remember that values in our service are stored in the USD. Values shown in other currencies may have differences due to a currency conversion.

Updated on: 14/10/2022