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Account History

Every user in our service has the possibility to check their account history.

You can find your account history in your settings tab in our service.
To find your account history:
Go to “My account” tab
Open “Settings” tab
In the “Settings” tab, you will find your account history at the right side of the tab.

Deposits history

This section will contain all the history of your top-up’s in our service. Information about every deposit will contain the type of the transaction, date and value.
Please note that in this tab you will see only your deposits that you paid for. There will not be shown bonuses for using promotional code and other types of promotions.

To check the value of the bonuses, you need to use the “Account History” section.

Example view of deposit history

Account history

This section will contain all activities made at your account in our service. This means that you will see here information about spent and received funds and gold coins in our service.

Example view of account history

Updated on: 18/08/2022