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Users Giveaways

In our service, new giveaway module give every user possibility to create own giveaway.

Giveaways created by you will help you with promotion of your promotional code and our service in your community or among your friends. Created giveaways are available only for the users invited using dedicated invitation link and they will not be displayed at main page of our service.

Users giveaways options

Giveaways have multiple configuration options. You can configure things such as:

Rewards - choose up to 3 skins from your inventory in our service
Maximum amount of users that can join to your giveaway (maximum 1000, minimum 200 users)
Date and time when giveaway will end
Minimum deposit amount that user need to make with your special promotional code to join to your giveaway
Cases user need to open after he top-up account with your promotional code to join your giveaway (maximum 6 cases)

Remember! If the giveaway reaches the maximum number of users, giveaway will end immediately, no matter what date and time you setted up!

How to create own giveaway

To create own giveaway, follow our instructions provided below:

Go to giveaways tab
Click "Create a Giveaway" button
Configure your giveaway! Choose rewards for winners, maximum amount of users in giveaway, minimum top-up amount and cases users need to open (optionally)
Click "Create a Giveaway" button you will find at the bottom of the configuration section.

If you followed our instructions, your giveaway should be created and you will receive popup with summary of rewards selected to your giveaway and giveaway invitation link. You can use received link to invite users to your giveaway.

Summary of created giveaway

Updated on: 20/01/2023