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Daily Case

Daily Case is a bonus section that is available for every user of our service.

In Daily Cases you can obtain additional skins, gold coins and funds in the form of vouchers.

Level 1 Case

To open Level 1 daily case, you need to change your avatar at Steam to one of avatars available in the daily case tab.

In this box, you will find available avatars

After you change your avatar at Steam, you need to re-login to our service in order to update your avatar in our service.

After that, hover over chosen daily case cards with the “Level 1” title and click the “Open free daily case” button to open Level 1 case.

If you changed your avatar, you can open one of the "Level 1" daily case cards

Remember! You can open only one daily case card! Next “Level 1” daily case will not be available until the next day.

Higher tiers of daily case

Under the “Level 1” daily case you can find additional daily cases with higher levels.

To open higher level daily cases, you need to complete all conditions for chosen level of daily case. All conditions and their progress are displayed next to each higher level daily case, so you can easily know what you need to do to open the chosen higher level daily case.

Example of higher tiers of daily cases and their conditions

Opening higher level daily cases, do not require to complete conditions for lower level daily cases. For example you can open a “Level 3” daily case without completing all conditions for “Level 2” daily case.

When I will be able to open next daily case

If you open a daily case, you need to wait until the next day before you will be able to open it again.
Time after you will be able to open the next daily case is 00:00 UTC (the time in local time may be different depending on your time zone).

This time also applies to higher level daily cases and their conditions. They will also reset after 00:00 UTC.

Updated on: 28/03/2023