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How to Play Conquest Mode?

Conquest Mode is a fun game mode in which you can get extra rewards for playing on Key-Drop.

You’re dropped into a map filled with checkpoints. To progress, you must complete a given task (e.g. Open Cases for 20 USD). Once you complete the mission, you will progress to the next node, collecting the points for it. Collecting the points will result in reaching a higher level on the map.

Note that you do not have to finish every location on the map to progress to the next one. To do that, you have to disarm the bomb by collecting digits, which you will unveil as you progress between different locations. When you have all the digits, you can use them to disarm the bomb and progress.

The mode has different difficulty levels which you can change at any time, meaning you can modify your experience to suit your needs and resources. However, do note that lower levels provide smaller rewards, and that every difficulty level change will result in your progress being reset.

Example Conquest Map.

Updated on: 16/05/2024