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What is the Upgrader

Upgrader panel

Upgrader is a game mode in our service that provides you the possibility to obtain more valuable skin at the risk of losing skin you are using to upgrade.
The chance of success of the upgrade is calculated based on the difference in value of the skin you are trying to upgrade and skin you want to receive in upgrade.

How to use the Upgrader

To use the Upgrader, choose at least one skin you want to upgrade.

Your upgrade needs to meet two conditions - the chance of the upgrade needs to be less than 80% and higher than 1% and the skin you try to win can not be cheaper than the skin you want to upgrade.

In the Upgrader, you can use up to 15 items or try to upgrade only one item for up to 15 items.

Skins used in the Upgrader

If you use a skin in the Upgrader system, it is attempted to be upgraded. No matter if your upgrade attempt is successful, the upgraded skin disappears irreversibly and cannot be returned.

If you fail to upgrade your skin, you will receive cashback in the form of either a random skin or a voucher to use on our website.

Updated on: 23/04/2024