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What are Contracts

Contracts panel with skins selected to contract

Contracts is the mode in our service that allows you to exchange multiple skins for one, with the possibility to receive skin with higher or lower value. To use the Contacts mode, just select at least 3 skins with the total value of minimum 1 USD and create the contract!

Skins won in Contracts will have higher or lower value, depending on the total value of the skins you used in the contract. The value of the potential skin you will receive from the contract will be shown directly next to the “Create Contract” button.

Please note that the higher the value of the skins you use in the contract, the higher may be the value of the potential skin you will receive.

When you are creating the contract, all skins used in the contract will be irreversibly exchanged for the random skin from the contract. Skins used in the Contracts are not refundable.

Updated on: 15/08/2022