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If you wish to use the PayPal or PaySafeCard payment method, there is an option to purchase one of our gift cards using a PayPal or PaySafeCard account.

Our Gift Card can be purchased at sites such as Kinguin or G2A. At these sites, you can make a payment using a PayPal or PaySafeCard method.

After you purchase one or more of our Gift Cards, return to our service and use the Gift Card code you received at one of these sites. You can do this in a specially designated tab in our top-up panel.

If you would like to know more about gift cards, their availability and how to use them, please see our article about gift cards.

Please note that access to payment methods may be limited depending on the region you are in. If a specific payment method is not available in one of these services, we recommend you to contact the G2A or Kinguin support team.

Updated on: 08/12/2022