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How the Partnership Program work

Partnership Program is our special system that allows you to earn additional funds in our service.

How to earn in the Partnership Program

To start earning funds from our Partnership Program, just create your Promotional Code and invite other people to our service. To do this, you can use your social media channels, website or just send your promotional code to your friends.

Affiliate Program panel

How to create Promotional Code

You can create your own promotional code in the Affiliate Program tab. Every user in our service can create their own promotional code.

You need to remember that creating a promotional code similar to the name or promotional code of the content creator may result in that your promotional code will be changed if this person contacts us.

Additionally, creating codes that impersonate our Golden Code is strictly prohibited and may result in blockade of your Partnership Program.

Where to promote your Promotional Code

You can promote your Promotional Code in the social media channels or at your own website.

How you cannot promote your Promotional Code

It is strictly prohibited to promote your Promotional Code in our social media channels like Facebook or Twitter. Such activities may result in blockade of your Partnership Program in our service.

Updated on: 18/08/2022