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About battles

In case you are participating in the battle, battle can end in several scenarios.

Won battle

In the case you win the battle, you receive skins drawn by yourself and the other users. Items will be automatically added to your inventory in our service after the battle ends.

Lost battle

In case you lose the battle, users who lost the battle will receive cashback for participating in the battle. The value of the cashback depends on the rules setted up by the battle creator. Cashback will be automatically added to the balance after the battle ends.

Draw in the battle

There is a possibility that the battle will end in a draw between users who received the skins with the highest value. In this case our system will automatically and randomly draw the user who will win the battle. User who lost the draw will receive cashback the same as the other users who lost the battle.


Cashback is given only to the users who participated in the battle and lost it. The amount of cashback is specified when the battle is created and depends on the number of players participating in the battle. The cashback is provided in the form of a skin or a voucher to be used on our website.

Cancellation of a battle

The battle can be canceled if there is only one user in it. That means that when there are no other users who want to participate in the battle, the battle can be canceled by the last one user who participates in it. If you cancel the battle, funds you used for participating in the battle will automatically return to your balance.

Leaving the battle

There is a possibility to leave the battle if it has not already started. If battle will have a required amount of participants it will start automatically and is considered to have been played. In this case there is no option to leave this battle anymore.

I have a problem with the battle

In the case you have any problem with the battle, please contact our support team that will help you to solve the problem. In the message give us a detailed description of the problem and the ID of the battle that can be found in the battle tab, next to the “Provably Fair” button.

Updated on: 17/01/2024